SITOP Compact

The slim power supply unit for control boxes.

Thanks to the extremely space-saving slim design, the power supply series for the lower performance range is especially suited to be integrated into distributed applications in control boxes or in small control cabinets. The power supplies are characterized by their low power loss over the entire load range. Power loss is extremely low even during no-load operation, which is why they are ideal, for example, for the efficient supply of machinery and equipment that are often in stand-by mode.



Cost-effective basic power supply

The new range of power supplies is designed for standard requirements in industrial environments and offers all important functions at a favorable price, of course without compromising quality and the proverbial SITOP reliability. The wide-range input with manual switchover supports connection to a wide range of 1-phase supply systems. Thanks to the narrow width, the primary switched-mode regulators require little space on the DIN rail and can be easily integrated. Low thermal losses in the control cabinet. Short-circuit and overload protection as well as UL approval for export ensure problem-free use.


The high-performance standard power supply for 1-phase and 3-phase networks

SITOP smart is the high-performance standard power supply for automated machines and systems with 24 V or 12 V electronics. Despite its compactness, it offers outstanding overload characteristics. Its capacity of 1.5 times the rated current for 5 s/min also enables trouble-free connection of consumers that demand high power. And with the permanent load capacity of 120% nominal output, these compact power supply units are among the most reliable of their kind

SITOP Modular

The technological power supply for demanding solutions

The one-phase, two-phase and three-phase SITOP modular are the technological power supplies for demanding solutions. They offer maximum functionality for use in complex plants and machines. The wide-range input allows a connection to almost any electrical power system worldwide and ensures a high degree of safety even if there are large voltage fluctuations. They offer an excellent overload behavior: The Power Boost supplies up to three times the rated current for a short time, and with the extra power of 150%, consumers with high power consumption can be connected without problems. Moreover, you can choose between constant current or automatic restart in case of overload. The very high efficiency keeps the energy consumption and heat generation in the control cabinet to a minimum, and the compact metal enclosure requires less space.



SITOP PSU8600 is the first power supply system that is completely embedded in the digital world of automation. On the one hand, complete integration into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) not only permits especially easy, fast, and convenient engineering in the TIA Portal, but also allows extensive evaluation of operating and diagnostics data as well as energy management functions. On the other hand, the same functions can be implemented for open communication with OPC UA. SITOP PSU8600 with its Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET switch functionality, with two ports on the base units, can be perfectly incorporated into existing automation networks in both in-line and ring structures. The integrated Web server also allows power supply monitoring or diagnosis to be performed remotely.

Simatic WinCC

Every power failure can bring a plant to a standstill  and cost a lot of time and money. The SITOP DC UPS offers perfect protection against unexpected outages and ensures uninterrupted plant operation.

The buffer module reliably provides 24 V backup for up to 10 seconds for the SITOP smart and SITOP modular power supplies and even up to minutes through the maintenance-free DC UPS with capacitor technology. The DC UPS modules with batteries, which can communicate via Ethernet/PROFINET and are fully integrated in TIA (SITOP UPS1600), can reliably provide 24 V up to scale of hours.

The SITOP DC UPS systems differ in their storage capacity, their performance and in their functionality, for example, their ability to be integrated into the automation system requiring backup.  The selection matrix is designed to give you some guidance for selecting the right 24 V backup for your application.

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